Delivering quality birdstrike management advice to the world's aviation industry

Our training courses are now City & Guilds Accredited

Postponed - One Day Managers Course 12th May 2020

We provide a range of services to government, airlines, airports, industry, private companies and consultancies to help control the risk of bird and wildlife strike incidents.

  • Birdstrike Management Plans

  • Bird and Wildlife Strike Training Programmes

  • ​Remains Identification

  • Independent Standards and Compliance Checks

  • Risk Assessment

  • Off-airfield Surveys & Expert witness

  • Bird Hazard Management Safeguarding

  • Scientific Research and Development

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Birdstrike Management staff have been providing services to the aviation industry under the auspices of the UK governments research establishments since the 1990's.​ Our staff have not only been involved in developing best practice guidance, government standards and policy advice, but have developed a tradition of practical management solutions and tailored advice for customers and clients.



​Whether setting out to deliver a program of bird and wildlife strike reduction, inspiring an experienced team or simply needing an independent check of quality assurance, Birdstrike Management can provide a range of services to help you deliver best practice. Our team has worked at over 100 airports, visited all seven continents, and provided advice and guidance to governments and their agencies, regulatory authorities, statutory bodies, airports, airlines, the military, private companies and conservation organisations.

We have an unrivalled presence in Europe, delivering a variety of risk and hazard assessments, safety checks, compliance checks, wildlife hazard management plans, 13km surveys, staff training, safeguarding and remains ID to over 120 airports around the world. We currently work extensively across Europe, the Middle East, SE Asia, Africa and South America.

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