Airports are able to influence new planning applications that have the potential to increase the birdstrike risk.  


Birdstrike Management Ltd have demonstrable expertise providing independent assessments of bird and wildlife strike hazards and mitigation advice to airports and developers alike.

Our specialist trained staff  are continually providing safeguarding services for airports and developers around the world.



From simple desk based advice to site visits and public enquiries.


We have provided research programmes to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed control techniques, have defended our clients under cross-examination at public enquiry, have delivered practicable management solutions enabling developments to proceed, and have vigorously defended objections where developments are simply not conducive to safe airport operations.


We will always provide you with an honest appraisal of a development to reduce the probability of surprises occurring later. Drop us a line or contact our safeguarding team directly to see how we can help safeguard your aerodrome or development from bird and wildlife hazards in the off-airfield environment.


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