Airports need to demonstrate the provision of a safe operating environment to customers, business partners and regulators.


Birdstrike Management Ltd offers a service that not only  provides an independent check of the processes and procedures in place, but verifies they are being actioned. We go beyond the 'tick box' procedures to assist airports and airlines with the development of effective risk reduction strategies.


We are recognised by the UK CAA as providers of a robust service that benefits airports and airlines alike.

Airport Inspections

Birdstrike Management staff have vast experience using International Standards, EASA Regulations (in accordance with Acceptable Means of Compliance 1 (“AMC1”) to EASA Implementing Rule ADR.OR.D.005(b)(11)) and International Best Practice Guidelines (IBSC Standards) for evaluating and developing bird control on airports.  


Our staff have unrivaled presence in Europe, working at over 20 UK international airports including LHR and LGW and over 40 European international airports, as well as airports international airports in  Africa, the Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and Antarctica.


A visit from a member of our team will provide an independent on-site evaluation together with recommendations as part of your independent regulatory compliance programme. We will help improve the cost-effective delivery of your plan and help reduce the birdstrike risk through effective targeting of resources. We can provide a comprehensive check covering all aspects of wildlife hazard management planning, policies and procedures, training delivery, safeguarding and off-airfield monitoring, bird remains identification, risk assessment and birdstrike analysis, reviews of bird logs and a compliance check summary as required. 


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