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Birdstrike Management Ltd provide independent checks of the processes and procedures in place to control wildlife hazards and risks and follow these up with evidence to verify their implementation. We go beyond the 'tick box' procedures confirming plans are in place in order to assist airports and airlines with confirming they are operating a safe environment for their customers.

Airports need to demonstrate the provision of a safe operating environment to customers, business partners and regulators. Our services, consistently used by airports and airlines around the world to provide a level of independent and confidential assurance, provide the extra expertise and guidance needed not only to ensure a safe operating environment but to enable budgets to be targeted at the most appropriate areas to confirm compliance with regulatory requirements.


We have been utilised by hundreds of airports, routinely providing annual or multiple visits each year, to provide continuing independent assurance of their compliance with regulatory standards and to assist with controlling hazards as they arise. 

Airport Inspections

Birdstrike Management staff have experience around the globe that began in the 1990's and continually develops to this day. Using International Standards, EASA Regulations (in accordance with Acceptable Means of Compliance 1 (“AMC1”) to EASA Implementing Rule ADR.OR.D.005(b)(11)) and International Best Practice Guidelines (IBSC Standards), we are efficient and effective at evaluating and developing bird control on airports.  


Our staff have unrivaled presence in Europe, working at over 20 UK international airports in 2023 including Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and over 40 European international airports, as well as international airports in  Africa, the Middle East, Asia, New Zealand, South America and Antarctica.


A visit from a member of our team provides independent on-site evaluations together with recommendations as part of your independent regulatory compliance program. We will help improve the cost-effective delivery of your plan and help reduce the birdstrike risk through effective targeting of resources. We can provide a comprehensive check covering all aspects of wildlife hazard management planning, policies and procedures, training delivery, safeguarding and off-airfield monitoring, bird remains identification, risk assessment and birdstrike analysis, reviews of bird logs and a compliance check summary as required. 


Call us to discuss how we can help. 

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