Hazard and Risk evaluation is critical to ensuring resources are tailored directly towards wildlife strike reductions.
Birdstrike Management provide risk assessments and data analysis for airports and airlines around the world.
We understanding the delivery of birdstrike risk and hazard management systems within safety management systems. Ensuring actions are targeted at controls that enable an airport to demonstrate their effectiveness is critical. 
BML staff have fully reviewed the impact of mandatory reporting in the UK on strike severity ratings (our updated research has been published) to enable those airports with excellent reporting schemes to better understand their risks and severity. 
In conjunction with our Compliance Check services, Birdstrike Management can prioritise the bird and wildlife strike controls at an airports using airline, airport or national birdstrike records.
Our Risk Assessment output can help to target the most cost-effective solutions to your bird hazard management problems.
Catastophic Risk. Where necessary, BML has advised on probabilities of catastrophic risk and management actions to reduce those probabilities.
Risk assessment for resource allocation and risk assessment for new developments and infrastructure all fall under the remit of BML. Call us for further information.

BML provide airport and airline risk assessment programmes highlighting hazardous species, locations and behaviours. Our expertise includes evaluation of catastrophic collision risk, operational resilience and focussed resource management to reduce key risks.

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