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Selection of our publications;

The impact of variation in reporting practices on the validity of recommended birdstrike risk assessment processes for aerodromes.


Adapting strategies to maintain efficiency during a cull of yellow-legged gulls


Impact of Lethal Control - Andy Baxter - International Bird Strike.; Search for Baxter


Use of Lethal Control to Reduce Habituation to Blank Rounds by Scavenging Birds


Use of Raptors to Reduce Scavenging Bird Numbers at Landfill Sites


"Adopting an integrated, flexible approach to reducing the birdstrike risk from Canada Geese"


Monitoring and influencing feral Canada goose (Branta canadensis) behaviour to reduce birdstrike risks to aircraft


IBSC Best Practise Standards


UK CAA Birdstrike Data


UK CAA CAP 772 Bird strike guidance



Popular Articles


Bird Strikes: Flock Horror - Airport Technology

2011- The industry’s greatest threat?



Recent meetings and International discussions

March 2019 - Asia Aviation Conference, Willis Towers Watson, Da Nang, Vietnam

Oct 2018 - Birdstrike Meeting, Robin Radar, Bristol


Apr 2017 - FAHM Conference, Stansted UK


Jan 2017 - EASA seminar with airlines 

Sept 2016 - Co chair; UK BSC, Bristol.

7th July 2015 - FOD and Habitat Management Conference, Heathrow.


3rd/4th July 2014 - Robin Radar / Schiphol Airport Bird detection radar seminar


21st March 2013 – NZ Endophytic Grass TV report


11th June 2013 – UK CAA Birdstrike Meeting


24th April 2013 – Inaugural  WBA meeting


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