BML deliver our standard services across the globe and are often asked to develop and combine these into short or long term projects targeting risk reduction. A few examples are provided below;  
BML were awarded the contract to help develop the Wildlife Hazard Management processes and procedures for the Istanbul New Airport (INA).  The project includes: data reviews of pre-development ornithological fieldwork and avian radar, supporting the design team through the development phases from a bird management perspective and producing a Wildlife Hazard Plan (WHMP) to enable the airport to understand what is required of them to control risks.
BML staff want to see improvements in national, regional and international wildlife control. As such we work closely with our own CAA to assist with their guidance, have co-chaired their UK birdstrike committee meetings, have presented to EASA, have developed guidance for the AOA and sit on the Wildlife Hazard Management Expert Group for ICAO developing international guidance and best practice for aerodromes around the world. In 2019 we look forward to assisting the Insurance industry with delivering risk reduction strategies to airlines and airports around the world.  
Initially with WIZZ Air, this long term programme of airfield visits around Europe that has demonstrated significant savings and safety benefits to the airline now includes Jet2, EasyJet and Volotea resulting in assistance and the transfer of knowledge and expertise to over 40 airports a year.
BML are often used to help provide a summary of the risks faced by airports to construction industry professionals and provide an independent review to assist developers with understanding where flight safety boundaries lie. Our recent work has included Heathrow T2, Istanbul terminal, Birmingham HS2, Heathrow R3, Gatwick R2 and Dublin masterplanning. 
Some time ago, BML were invited to assist with the review for a 4th London airport in the UK Houses of Parliament prior to decisions by the Davis Commission in relation to proposals for new runway capacity in the UK. Whilst not a large project, BML were the only birdstrike experts invited to attend and represent the government in their decision making process.
BML are increasingly being requested to provide both EASA compliant training and to ensure trained staff are competent in their roles. Our experienced staff who have undertaken these roles themselves are now providing competency checks to ensure both the dynamic delivery of control is undertaken efficiently and all records are being properly recorded. We provide training at all levels of management to ensure the rationale is properly understood and to enable airports to develop  properly structured delivery of effective wildlife control.

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