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In June 2022, after almost 9 years of identifying remains via photographic, feather and DNA samples we were proud to say we had just completed our 1000th microscopic or DNA based identification (and had completed well over 10,000 identifications and verifications of strikes).


By June 2023 we can confirm we have completed over 1000 more identifications and continue to help airports, airlines, manufacturers and maintenance engineers to ensure an understanding of the risks and hazards from wildlife is understood.


Confirming the species struck enables a targeted approach to risk reduction and immediately accounts for all the monitoring of numbers, proximity and movements otherwise needed to guess at whether a risk is real. Expert ornithologists need to understand the species being struck in order to provide sensible advice to reduce risks. Some species may be regularly seen at airports, but not all behave in the same way to the presence of aircraft. BML therefore concentrate heavily on remains identifications each year to give back to the industry by enabling free photo verifications to all our customers as well as provision of microscopic and DNA identifications of tiny remains fragments in the lab.


Our cost-effective service therefore includes photographic confirmation via email where possible through to full laboratory based assessment of samples.

Wing length measurement.jpg

Drop us a line on our dedicated email at for further information  or contact us via the website.

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