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Strikes occur around the world almost every day. Over 600 aircraft have been lost and countless billions of damage and delays have occurred. Whilst the majority of strikes result in little or no damage, a selection of strikes are included below with links to video's, costs and delays not uncommonly associated with these events.


Bologna, Italy. Nov 2021; Engine flame out after strike on approach at night..


Beijing, China, Nov 2021; Engine damage after pigeon strike.

Schiphol, Netherlands. Feb 2021; Six hour 'flight to nowhere' following birdstrike.

Brasilia, Brazil. Jan 2021; 24 hour grounding following multiple failures after birdstrike.

Mattala, Sri Lanka. Jan 2021; B777 suffers strike on landing and departure at diversion airport.

Lagos, Nigeria. Dec 2020; Multiple strike causes hydraulic leek on landing.


New Braunswick, USA. Nov 2019; Pilot lands plane after windshield ingestion.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Oct 2019; Multiple goose strike without damage but aircraft returns to base.

En route. Russia. Oct 2019; Video of birdstrike at altitude

Maryland, USA. Oct 2019; Bird strike grounds Navy ‘doomsday’ aircraft

Dhaka, Bangladesh. Oct 2019: 18.5  hour delay following birdstrike

Moscow, Russia. Aug 2019; Catastrophic Airliner Crash following Gull Strike on Take-off

New Orleans, USA. July 2019; Even a small dent delays a big aircraft

US Airbase, Japan. May 2019; Millions of damage caused by birdstrike to stealth fighter jet.

Avalon, Australia. Mar 2019; Video clip showing C17 abort take-off.

Shetland, UK. Mar 2019; Replacement aircraft summonsed following bird strike.

Karachi, Pakistan. Feb 2019; Diversion and nose cone damage sustained following bird strike

Delhi, India. Jan 2019; Investigation confirms how close near catastrophic strike was.

Sarasota, USA. Dec 2018; Fuel dump required for safe return after non-damaging strike.

Portland, USA. Nov 2018; Even a reported birdstrike with no damage returns flight.

Kigali, Rwanda. Oct 2018; Flight cancellation caused by birdstrike

Copenhagen, Denmark. June 2018; Nordica flight still on ground 50 hours after birdstrike.

Arizona, USA. May 2018; Helicopter damaged by birdstrike and out of service.

Whanganui, New Zealand. April 2018; Engine 'knocked out' on take off by birdstrike

Murcia, Spain. March 2018; Double engine ingestion and fire forces rejected take-off.


India. Jan 2018; 1000 strikes and fines for leaving birds near airports.

Frankfurt, Germany. Dec 2017; In flight video of engine ingestion.

St Petersbury, Russia. Dec 2017; Huge nose cone hole following birdstrike.

Sacramento, USA. Dec 2017; Twin engined multiple goose strike at 1000'.

Dulles, USA. Nov 2017; Emergency landing despite no damage.

Tokyo, Japan. Sep 2017. Flame out of engine following strike

Iowa, USA. Apr 2017; Helicopter forced landing after striking bird in flight.

Sri Lankan airways. Mar 2017; Mid flight birdstrike results in windshield cracking.

Muscat, Oman. Mar 2017; Bad weather diversion followed by birdstrike. Factors result in significant delays for A380


Curacao, Curacao. Jan 2017; Fuel dump required to ensure safe landing.


Portland, USA. Oct 2016; Substantial engine damage after aborted take-off.


Dubai, UAE. Sep 2016; Safe landing but aircraft unfit for take-off following birdstrike

Gibraltar, Europe. Jun 2016; Aborted take-off - aircraft still grounded after 29hours.


Washington, USA. May 2016; In-flight engine shut down and emergency return following birdstrike.

Seattle, USA. Apr 2016; 150 people on board as birdstrike again destroys radome.


Key West, USA. Apr 2016; Embraer 175 looses engine to birdstrike


London, England. Mar 2016; Nocturnal strike over southern England destroys radome


Karachi, Pakistan. Feb 2016; Minimum 15 hour grounding after birdstrike


Hosea Kutaka, Namibia. Jan 2016; Aircraft fuselage holed on approach

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jan 2016; 747 fuel dump and engine replacement after departure strike


Islamabad, Pakistan. Dec 2015; Pakistan Airliner strikes bird on windshield - long delays for passengers


Sacramento, USA. Nov 2015; Birdstrike forces engine shut down and emergency return.


Czech pilot. Oct 2015; NATO operation narrowly avoids catastrophe - birdstrike misses windshield; video review


Curacao, Caribbean. July 2015; 747 grounded after birdstrike causes engine damage - all passengers put up in hotels


Alaska, USA. July 2015; Precautionary landing of Cargo 747 as a 'common occurrence'


Athens, Greece. May 2015; Engine shutdown, aircraft returns after after thunderstorm avoidance and warnings of altitude.


Incheon, Korea. Apr 2015; 13 hour delay following non-damaging birdstrike


Beirut, Lebanon. Mar 2015; Migration event forces engine failure shortly after take-off


New York, USA. Mar 2015; Goose strike takes aircraft out of service.


York, England. Feb 2015; Light aircraft overturns after birdstrike on landing.


Miracle on the Hudon, Jan 2015; Six years on a BBC Documentary discusses the event


Sacramento, USA. Jan 2015; Engine shutdown at 5000'


Aalborg, Denmark. Dec 2014: Twin engine birdstrike on final approach


Surat, India. Nov 2014: 737 strikes Buffalo on take-off.


Denver, USA. Nov 2014: Precautionary landing of helicopter in city park after birdstrike


New York, USA. Oct 2014: Replacement aircraft needed after birdstrike on departure.


Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sept 2014: PAN PAN PAN aircraft grounded with damage to wing and engine


Zurich, Switzerland. Sept 2014: Birdstrike forces aircraft to return to Zurich.


Istanbul, Turkey. August 2014: Multiple large birdstrikes yet aircraft continues flight safely.


Girona, Spain, July 2014; Multiple gull strike causes airliner damage on landing


Moruya, Australia, July 2014; Birdstrike causes ultralight aircraft fatalities?


Auckland, New Zealand, July 2014; Airport temporarily closed following birdstrike


Cley, England, Jan 2014; Helicopter fatalities caused by geese


JFK, USA, May 2014; Geese damage wings and engine


Taijuan, China, May 2014; 10 hour delay, cancelled flight and destroyed radome following birdstrike


Las Vegas, USA April 2014; Bee strike forces overweight landing with 160 passengers on board


Swansea, England March 2014; Light aircraft crash lands and flips over after striking birds


Incheon, Korea March 2014; 170 passengers wait nearly 2 hours before birdstrike damaged aircraft safe to return to land


Hefei, China February 2014; 2 aircraft forced to return to airports following birdstrikes in one week


Illinois January 2014; Canada Goose strike through a Cessna Window


Boston December 2013; Turboprop brought back after striking Snow Buntings (30-46g)


Phillipines December 2013; broken fan blades and aircraft out of action


Phuket December 2013; delays and inspections; aircraft returned.


St Louis December 2013; emergency landing



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