Bird strikes and wildlife strikes occur around the world throughout the year.


Even the smallest strikes can impact on a flight in ways that result in a cost to an airline, operator or passenger.


The following links cover some of the most recent bird strike occurrences reported through the media.

Mattala, Sri Lanka. Jan 2020; B777 suffers strike on landing and departure at diversion airport.

New Braunswick, USA. Nov 2019; Pilot lands plane after windshield ingestion.

Copenhagen, Denmark. Oct 2019; Multiple goose strike without damage but aircraft returns to base.

En route. Russia. Oct 2019; video of birdstrike at altitude

Maryland, USA. Oct 2019; Bird strike grounds Navy ‘doomsday’ aircraft

Dhaka, Bangladesh. Oct 2019: 18.5  hour delay following birdstrike

Moscow, Russia. Aug 2019; Catastrophic Airliner Crash following Gull Strike on Take-off

New Orleans, USA. July 2019; Even a small dent delays a big aircraft

US Airbase, Japan. May 2019; Millions of damage caused by birdstrike to stealth fighter jet.

Avalon, Australia. Mar 2019; Video clip showing C17 abort take-off.

Shetland, UK. Mar 2019; Replacement aircraft summonsed following bird strike.

Karachi, Pakistan. Feb 2019; Diversion and nose cone damage sustained following bird strike

Delhi, India. Jan 2019; Investigation confirms how close near catastrophic strike was.

Sarasota, USA. Dec 2018; Fuel dump required for safe return after non-damaging strike.

Portland, USA. Nov 2018; Even a reported birdstrike with no damage returns flight.

Kigali, Rwanda. Oct 2018; Flight cancellation caused by birdstrike

Copenhagen, Denmark. June 2018; Nordica flight still on ground 50 hours after birdstrike.

Arizona, USA. May 2018; Helicopter damaged by birdstrike and out of service.

Whanganui, New Zealand. April 2018; Engine 'knocked out' on take off by birdstrike

Murcia, Spain. March 2018; Double engine ingestion and fire forces rejected take-off.


India. Jan 2018; 1000 strikes and fines for leaving birds near airports.

Frankfurt, Germany. Dec 2017; In flight video of engine ingestion.

St Petersbury, Russia. Dec 2017; Huge nose cone hole following birdstrike.

Sacramento, USA. Dec 2017; Twin engined multiple goose strike at 1000'.

Dulles, USA. Nov 2017; Emergency landing despite no damage.

Tokyo, Japan. Sep 2017. Flame out of engine following strike

Iowa, USA. Apr 2017; Helicopter forced landing after striking bird in flight.

Sri Lankan airways. Mar 2017; Mid flight birdstrike results in windshield cracking.

Muscat, Oman. Mar 2017; Bad weather diversion followed by birdstrike. Factors result in significant delays for A380


Curacao, Curacao. Jan 2017; Fuel dump required to ensure safe landing.


Portland, USA. Oct 2016; Substantial engine damage after aborted take-off.


Dubai, UAE. Sep 2016; Safe landing but aircraft unfit for take-off following birdstrike

Gibraltar, Europe. Jun 2016; Aborted take-off - aircraft still grounded after 29hours.


Washington, USA. May 2016; In-flight engine shut down and emergency return following birdstrike.

Seattle, USA. Apr 2016; 150 people on board as birdstrike again destroys radome.


Key West, USA. Apr 2016; Embraer 175 looses engine to birdstrike


London, England. Mar 2016; Nocturnal strike over southern England destroys radome


Karachi, Pakistan. Feb 2016; Minimum 15 hour grounding after birdstrike


Hosea Kutaka, Namibia. Jan 2016; Aircraft fuselage holed on approach

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Jan 2016; 747 fuel dump and engine replacement after departure strike


Islamabad, Pakistan. Dec 2015; Pakistan Airliner strikes bird on windshield - long delays for passengers


Sacramento, USA. Nov 2015; Birdstrike forces engine shut down and emergency return.


Czech pilot. Oct 2015; NATO operation narrowly avoids catastrophe - birdstrike misses windshield; video review


Curacao, Caribbean. July 2015; 747 grounded after birdstrike causes engine damage - all passengers put up in hotels


Alaska, USA. July 2015; Precautionary landing of Cargo 747 as a 'common occurrence'


Athens, Greece. May 2015; Engine shutdown, aircraft returns after after thunderstorm avoidance and warnings of altitude.


Incheon, Korea. Apr 2015; 13 hour delay following non-damaging birdstrike


Beirut, Lebanon. Mar 2015; Migration event forces engine failure shortly after take-off


New York, USA. Mar 2015; Goose strike takes aircraft out of service.


York, England. Feb 2015; Light aircraft overturns after birdstrike on landing.


Miracle on the Hudon, Jan 2015; Six years on a BBC Documentary discusses the event


Sacramento, USA. Jan 2015; Engine shutdown at 5000'


Aalborg, Denmark. Dec 2014: Twin engine birdstrike on final approach


Surat, India. Nov 2014: 737 strikes Buffalo on take-off.


Denver, USA. Nov 2014: Precautionary landing of helicopter in city park after birdstrike


New York, USA. Oct 2014: Replacement aircraft needed after birdstrike on departure.


Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sept 2014: PAN PAN PAN aircraft grounded with damage to wing and engine


Zurich, Switzerland. Sept 2014: Birdstrike forces aircraft to return to Zurich.


Istanbul, Turkey. August 2014: Multiple large birdstrikes yet aircraft continues flight safely.


Girona, Spain, July 2014; Multiple gull strike causes airliner damage on landing


Moruya, Australia, July 2014; Birdstrike causes ultralight aircraft fatalities?


Auckland, New Zealand, July 2014; Airport temporarily closed following birdstrike


Cley, England, Jan 2014; Helicopter fatalities caused by geese


JFK, USA, May 2014; Geese damage wings and engine


Taijuan, China, May 2014; 10 hour delay, cancelled flight and destroyed radome following birdstrike


Las Vegas, USA April 2014; Bee strike forces overweight landing with 160 passengers on board


Swansea, England March 2014; Light aircraft crash lands and flips over after striking birds


Incheon, Korea March 2014; 170 passengers wait nearly 2 hours before birdstrike damaged aircraft safe to return to land


Hefei, China February 2014; 2 aircraft forced to return to airports following birdstrikes in one week


Illinois January 2014; Canada Goose strike through a Cessna Window


Boston December 2013; Turboprop brought back after striking Snow Buntings (30-46g)


Phillipines December 2013; broken fan blades and aircraft out of action


Phuket December 2013; delays and inspections; aircraft returned.


St Louis December 2013; emergency landing



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