We offer a range of surveys designed to assist airports with creating off-airfield 'bird hazard maps', to record data to assist with safeguarding cases and to maintain an understanding of actual bird hazards within the environment (vicinty of) their aerodrome. We include standard 13km 'airport vicinity' assessments providing an overview of locations likely to contain hazardous birds around an airport, and a monitoring program schedule to enable each airport to better understand it's risks. We can complete these surveys on behalf of the airports to maintain an up to date baseline of ornithological data either on an ad-hoc, seasonal or monthly basis as required. Our baseline ornithological data and reports not only help guide our initial survey work but our assessments always benefit from time on the ground properly evaluating features of the environment likely to attract hazardous species. 




We deliver expert evaluations of risks caused by hazardous birds moving between feeding, roosting, breeding and loafing sites within an airports vicinity. Our expert staff work at over 20 airports providing ornithological expertise backed up by birdstrike management skills.



We tailor our services to help you identify risk periods, hazardous locations and support the airport in preventing those risks from occurring. New or existing developments that have bird hazard management plans can be independently reviewed and assessed.

Planting Palettes

We work closely with developers to ensure planting palettes for new domestic, commercial or industrial developments appropriately consider wildlife strike risks at the earliest possible stage.