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Next 2 Day Course (Yorkshire) 

Jan 18th-19th 2022

(Mercure Hotel, Wetherby)


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Wildlife Hazard Management training is provided to accredited City and Guilds Standards by our team of expert staff. Birdstrike Management are the retained training providers for a host of civil and military aerodromes around the world, deliver our courses using a range of media to engage all participants in the processes and use specially trained staff with direct experience at airports in the UK, Europe, Asia, the America's, Australasia, Antarctica and Africa.


Full Course:
A comprehensive course, ideal for all staff involved in wildlife hazard management run over 2 or 2.5 days at your site or in York.
One Day Managers Course:
Aimed at managers responsible for the oversight Wildlife Hazard Management. 
One Day Refresher Course:
Consolidate existing skills and an update on new methodology, equipment and legislation.
Individual modules, 1/2 day or one day workshops.
Bespoke Courses
Tailored courses to specific airports  requirements. 




'This course is excellent and the best one I've ever been on 10/10 thank you' - LGW 


''Tailored to our needs yet still delivering all the modules required' - LHR


'Very well delivered and thoroughly enjoyed the exercises' - ABZ


'Thoroughly enjoyable course. Very knowledgeable teachers' - JER


'Well worth attending, vast knowledge gained. Very useful for myself, as someone who oversees bird control' - MoD 

'You are clearly extremely knowledgable in this subject and it is so good to learn from your experiences' - EDI


Outline Course Content


The nature and extent of the wildlife management problem in relation to aviation.



The national and local regulations, standards, and guidance material related to aerodrome wildlife management.


The local wildlife ecology and biology, including airfield habitat management policies.


The attractions an airfield can present to different wildlife species and how they can be managed.


The importance of accurate wildlife identification and observations.


Regulations and laws relating to air safety and birds.


Wildlife strike remains collection and procedures.


Active bird and wildlife control techniques.


Documentation and logging of wildlife control activities


Risk assessment and risk management principles and how these programs integrate with the aerodrome’s safety management system.

We include a variety of media and presentation packages including practical sessions in;

  • Collecting, preparing and submitting birdstrike remains for photographic, feather and DNA analysis

  • Safeguarding aerodromes from off-airfield birdstrike risks

  • Field identification skills and demonstrations of active deterrence methods

  • Assessing Risks and Hazard Identification


Linking the program to your own Wildlife Hazard Management Plan and how this should be achieved

All attendees of our full 2 day course receive our latest birdstrike management course documentation along with a signed certificate and examination.